Caleb Skaggs


Caleb was raised in Dripping Springs and is an avid video gamer. He has a wife with a baby on the way and a couple of dogs. He is very excited to be able to help you with your garage door needs!

Years with Precision: 1 Background Check: Yes
Customers Served: 404 Drug Screen: Yes


“6//30/22 – After going through a litany of problems and providers to troubleshoot / fix the mechanics on my wooden garage doors…..a hair-pulling exercise…..Precision is my absolute go-to going forward.

Could have upsold, could have short-cornered. Instead, I got a well-reasoned and fairly priced solution. With a multi-year “”anything goes wrong, call us”” warranty.

Special call-out to Caleb, our technician.”

1/28/22 – Our garage door service repairman (Caleb) was prompt, thoughtful, and professional. He clearly explained what needed to be done and all issues I might anticipate in the future (doors are old). I was completely impressed with the service and will definitely recommend Precision to others, especially Caleb!