What’s the cost of repairing vs buying a new garage door?

Cost is, frankly, one of the most important deciding factors when you’re choosing to service your garage door. Whether it’s an unexpected snafu or a total breakdown of the door, many people don’t even think about how much garage door maintenance costs until it breaks down.

At Precision, we completely understand many customers’ hesitation about price. It can be a burden for some, especially if there’s no room in the budget for a surprise repair bill — or a new door is needed. We take pride in competitive and fairly-priced services for the quality of work we do using American-made parts. Our signature Precision Done Right! Guarantee also covers workmanship for up to 5 years at no extra cost.*

So, what does an average new garage door cost? We’ve broken down an estimation of the costs below:

  • Quality, new garage doors: Start at $1,850
  •  High-end, customized doors: $5,000+
  • Installation: $200-$500 per door
  • Openers: $400-$500

Please note that this is an estimation of costs, and they may change depending on inventory or the customization you choose. But rest assured – your garage door boosts curb appeal while protecting your family and home.

For a more accurate estimation about what a new door or a repair may cost, call Precision for an estimation appointment. Our trained technicians will carefully measure your door, help you select the design you want, and offer any tips or advice. For example, it may be easier and cheaper in the long run to replace a door rather than perform a list of complicated repairs.

We’re always here to answer any garage door questions you may have. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out!


*Some restrictions may apply. Please call your local Precision Garage Door for more details.

To get an idea of what a garage door service will cost, a professional technician will come out to your home and give you an estimate.