See what you need to see: smart garage cameras

You may have a front doorbell camera, a baby monitor, or a pet cam to make sure your family and home are secure. Why not extend that same assurance to your garage?

As the rest of the home security industry has added smart cameras to their arsenal, LiftMaster has also added a smart camera to their garage door openers.

You can purchase a brand-new LiftMaster opener with the built-in camera or add on a smart camera to your current opener if it was made after 1993.

Cameras are motion-activated and can send alerts right to your smartphone to keep you in the loop. You can watch your kids come home from school, supervise contractors, or ensure in-garage delivery of Amazon Prime packages. Using Key by Amazon from anywhere in the world, the video feed will come in through the myQ® app on your smartphone. Each camera is fully equipped with audio and visual, so you can be fully aware of what’s going on in your garage.

LiftMaster cameras have a wide variety of features, including

  • Full HD display
  • Night vision
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Two-way audio
  • Connection to home WiFi and smart devices
  •  Motion detection

The garage door is the largest entrance to your home, so make sure there are always eyes on it! Upgrade your door opener with a smart camera for the ultimate security and peace of mind.

Contact your local Precision Garage Door to explore the best opener/camera options for your garage today.