Secure, smart delivery with Key by Amazon

Ever wished you could get packages safely delivered without worry of weather damage or potential thievery?

With more people shopping online, the risk of having your packages stolen or damaged by weather is high. Luckily, Amazon Prime and myQ have partnered to create an easy, safe solution: Key by Amazon.

myQ is an app that connects to your garage door and uses WiFi to control your door. Download the myQ app onto your smartphone to control your garage door from anywhere.

Link your myQ account with Key by Amazon and your purchases can be left safely inside your garage. Naturally, notifications are provided through your app every step of the way.

This free service for Prime members provides Amazon drivers with a one-time code to your garage. The driver will open the door, place your packages inside the garage, then wait for the door to shut to ensure your packages are secure. Never worry about porch pirates or weather-damaged packages again! Drivers access the code, then open and close your garage with myQ technology.

To get started, download the myQ app to your smartphone and sync to your garage. Get the Dealer Code from your technician and add it to the “My Dealer” section on your profile. Next, connect your Amazon Prime account with your myQ app.

Once it’s set up, you can select “In-Garage Delivery” when you place Amazon Prime orders.

And if you would prefer some items to be delivered in your garage and some left on your porch, you can always select different delivery options for each order.

An Amazon delivery driver uses Key by Amazon to open the garage door and securely leave packages inside the garage.