Here in the Midwest we experience winter temperatures that can disrupt any piece of mechanical equipment. Your garage door is no exception, and before long a dip in temperatures and a dose of nasty weather can cost you time and money. This season, get out in front of the weather and implement a couple of these simple maintenance items to avoid headaches when the wind is blowing and the snow is flying.

Check Your Batteries

Cold temperatures can cause failure in any battery-powered device, and that includes your battery-powered remote control. Older batteries should be replaced to ensure reliable service throughout the winter. Jumping out of your car to manually pull up the door in the middle of a snowfall in the dead of winter is no fun.

Inspect the Drive Track

Of course this tip is not exclusive to the winter, but it’s always a good idea to do a double check when things are nasty outside. Try to check the drive track for obstructions once every six months and make sure there the belt or chain travels along the rail smoothly. If the track is damaged in any way be sure to contact a professional for repairs before further use.

Use Your Garage Door

It sounds simple, right? Using the garage door daily helps to prevent it from freezing shut and will keep everything in working order. Occasionally blizzards will hit and pile snow and ice out in front of the door. By applying some rock salt to the concrete under and around the door you can prevent the door from freezing and provide sure footing for pedestrians. Even if you have no plans of hitting the road it is a good idea to clear some of the fluffy stuff and make sure everything is working properly.

Apply Lubrication

Most mechanical devices need some type of grease or oil to operate and a garage door is no exception. While you should be lubricating the proper places on a regular basis do yourself a favor and squeeze in one more check-up before temperatures drop any further. The cold causes metal to contract and will place an added strain to all working parts on the door. Sub-freezing climates may also cause the door to stick to the track, endangering the motor among other things. Be sure to apply a generous amount of lubricant to the hinges, bushings, and roller in order to avoid such issues. For more information check out this instructional blog and video.

Checking Your Seals

Garage doors with seals offer many benefits for the owner. For applicable doors, seals provide a reduction in the cold air drafts that can cause an uptick in heating bills. Be sure that strips and trim are arranged tightly and there are no visible signs of fatigue. Only professionals should work on garage doors with seals (whether they are bottom, sides, or both) as they require complex and tedious repair work.

Those of us who love winter in the Midwest know it doesn’t come without a couple of headaches. By taking an hour or two to maintain your garage door you’ll ensure reliability through the season and help to extend its life.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Precision Certified Technician today!