Garage doors are one of the first things guests and potential buyers notice when they visit your home, making them the ideal place to start if you are looking to make home improvements. Choosing a new color or style can maximize curb appeal for a relatively small investment.

This year featured garage doors that echoed styles of the past as well as vibrant new designs. Here is a recap of the 2013 garage door trends:


Garages with windows can make the perfect complement to your home. Windows incorporated into the design of the garage door make for eye-pleasing additions, especially for houses that feature similar styling.

Common Window types:

  • Standard Panel
  • Long Panel
  • Carriage Panel

Carriage garage doors (such as the one pictured above) are doors that capture the look of a time before automobiles. These doors are popular with those who desire the country or cottage style on their garage. Usually accented with windows running across the top, they are available in nearly every material type.

To deter theft of your property consider modifications like frosting the garage door windows to reduce inward visibility while allowing for the retention of the country style look. Additional treatments for windows include tempering, insulating, and solar bronzing.


When selecting or designing your new garage door consider its color. A recent resurgence among designers and manufacturers calls for more vibrant hues and shades. Instead of natural or white for garage doors, manufacturers and designers have begun opting for eye-catching reds and greens among other colors. These garage doors have become a centerpiece of the garage, drawing eyes to well-designed structures. If 2013 taught us anything it is that no color is too outrageous as long as it brings positive attention to your home.

Minimalistic / Classic

A bit of a throwback style, minimalistic doors can be easily picked out by looking for their simple lines and sophisticated modeling. These doors have made their comeback by appealing to owners who desire a subtle class with functionality.

They span all mediums, from wood to aluminum to stainless steel. In short, minimalistic doors manage to add to the overall design flavor without dominating it.